A Day in the Life of a Barber: Meet Eisha McCoy

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              AUGUST 2, 2018

KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – Styling hair and dealing with new clients daily, keeps Eisha McCoy excited about what her future holds as a barber. “I have always been infatuated with hair,” said Eisha, a resident of Kenansville and graduate of James Kenan High. “I love making people feel better.”

Prior to coming to James Sprunt Community College, Eisha had worked with patients with mental disabilities. However, after being involved in a car accident that left her unable to work, her life went into a completely new and different direction. “The car accident changed my life.” It was a difficult time, Eisha says, but she has now been able move forward.

Enrolling in the Barber School at James Sprunt, Eisha says was one of the best decisions she has made. “Barber School has been a good learning experience.”

Since registering in the program in May 2017, it has helped to make Eisha feel more confident and prepared for the workforce. “They want to help you become better. They teach you everything in the book about barbering…. You get everything that you need.”

One of her favorite things about the barber program is the atmosphere, “The barber school is very family oriented,” Eisha said.

As for advice to other females interested in becoming a barber, Eisha says, “It is a good industry, where if you are serious about it, you can make good money…. male barbers will usually not give facials or beard massages, but we learn how to do those in class.” It’s the little things like that, she says, that will help to set barbers like her, apart from the competition, as she prepares to work locally in this area after completing her studies at James Sprunt. “I am planning on working in a barber shop after college,” she said.

A proud mother with children ranging in age from 19 to 29, Eisha encourages other mothers to not give up on their dreams of obtaining their education. For Eisha, drawing upon her faith has been her source of strength for overcoming the challenges of becoming a student again. “At first going back to school seemed kind of hard, but as I continued to pray, things got better,” said Eisha. “There are still some bumps in the road, but I believe if you have faith, all things are possible… if I fall, I just have to get back up.”

In addition to being enrolled at James Sprunt Community College, Eisha is also enrolled at Liberty University and takes classes online in psychology, which is something she attributes to her instructor and barber school coordinator, Patsy McCoy. “Ms. McCoy encourages you to continue, not just with barbering, but also with furthering your education and she has encouraged me to do that as well. She is a very good instructor.”

When she isn’t busy cutting hair or studying for exams, Eisha can be seen serving along-side with her husband, who is the Pastor of Christian Light Missionary Baptist in Autryville, located in Sampson County.

The Barber School Training Program is a continuing education program that lasts two years at James Sprunt, with new classes starting August 15. Classes are offered during the day as well as at night. If you are interested in learning more about the program at James Sprunt, please contact Patsy McCoy at (910) 275-6209 or pmccoy@jamessprunt.edu.


For media related questions, please contact Cheryl Hemric, director of marketing and public information at (910) 275-6170.

James Sprunt Community College is one of the premier institutions in the North Carolina Community College System. Our college serves more than 5,000 students annually from our Kenansville and WestPark campuses and three specialized centers. Learn more at http://www.jamessprunt.edu.


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