Open Registration – January 7, 2019

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Spring 2019 Credit Classes

Academic Related

ACA-115 Success & Study Skills

ACA-122 College Transfer Success


ACC-120 Principles of Financial Accounting

ACC-121 Principles of Managerial Accounting*

ACC-122 Principles of Financial Accounting II*

ACC-140 Payroll Accounting*

ACC-150 Accounting Software Applications*

ACC-180 Practices in Bookkeeping

ACC-220 Intermediate Accounting I*


AGR-139 Intro to Sustainable Ag

AGR-160 Plant Science

AGR-212 Farm Business Management

AGR-213 Ag Law & Finance

AGR-261 Agronomy

Animal Science

ANS-116 Intro to Equine Industry

ANS-120 Beef Production

ANS-130 Poultry Production

ANS-142 Swine Records & Analysis*

ANS-143 Swine Health Management

ANS-144 Swine Housing & Waste Mgt*

ANS-150 Animal Health Management

ANS-240 Swine Prod Issues


ART-111 Art Appreciation

ART-115 Art History Survey II

ART-116 Survey of American Art


BIO-111 General Biology

BIO-112 General Biology II*

BIO-163 Basic Anatomy & Physiology

BIO-169 Anatomy & Physiology II*


BUS-110 Introduction to Business

BUS-115 Business Law I

BUS-125 Personal Finance

BUS-137 Principles of Management

BUS-153 Human Resource Management

BUS-270 Professional Development


CHM-092 Fundamentals of Chemistry

CHM-151 General Chemistry

CHM-152 General Chemistry II*

Computer Information Systems

CIS-110 Introduction to Computers*

CIS-111 Basic PC Literacy

CIS-115 Intro to Programming & Logic*

Criminal Justice

CJC-113 Juvenile Justice

CJC-121 Law Enforcement Operations

CJC-132 Court Procedure & Evidence

CJC-212 Ethics & Comm Relations

CJC-222 Criminalistics

CJC-223 Organized Crime

CJC-231 Constitutional Law


COM-231 Public Speaking


COS-111 Cosmetology Concepts 1**

COS-112 Salon I**

COS-113 Cosmetology Concepts II***

COS-114 Salon II***

COS-117 Cosmetology Concepts IV***

COS-118 Salon IV**

COS-223 Contemporary Hair Coloring*

Computer Technology Integration

CTI-110 Web, Pgm, & Db Foundation

Computer Technology

CTS-125 Presentation Graphics

CTS-130 Spreadsheet*

CTS-287 Emerging Technologies

CTS-289 System Support Project*


DBA-115 Database Applications*


ECO-252 Principles of Macroeconomics


EDU-119 Intro to Early Childhood Education

EDU-144 Child Development I**

EDU-145 Child Development II**

EDU-151 Creative Activities **

EDU-151A Creative Activities Lab**

EDU-153 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

EDU-216 Foundations of Education**

EDU-235 School-Age Develop & Programs**

EDU-262 Early Childhood Admin II*

EDU-271 Educational Technology**

EDU-275 Effective Teach Training**

EDU-280 Language/Literacy Experiences**

EDU-284 Early Childhood Capstone Practice*

EDU-285 Internship Exp-School Age*

EDU-286 Early Childhood Issues*

EDU-289 Adv Issues/School Age*


ELC-114 Commercial Wiring

ELC-117 Motors and Controls

ELC-119 NEC Calculations


ENG-111 Writing & Inquiry*

ENG-112 Writing/Research in the Disciplines*

ENG-115 Oral Communication

ENG-232 American Literature II*

Graphic Arts

GRA-255 Image Manipulation I*

Graphic Design

GRD-111 Typography II*

GRD-131 Illustration I*

GRD-142 Graphic Design II*

GRD-145 Design Applications I**

GRD-152 Computer Design Tech I*

GRD-242 Graphic Design IV*

GRD-265 Digital Print Production*

GRD-280 Portfolio Design*


HEA-110 Personal Health/Wellness

Heavy Equipment / Maintenance

HET-119 Mechanical Transmissions

HET-128 Medium/Heavy Duty Tune Up

HET-218B Tractor Project

HET-233 Suspension and Steering


HIS-112 World Civilizations II

HIS-121 Western Civilizations I

HIS-131 American History I

HIS-132 American History II


HUM-115 Critical Thinking*

HUM-121 The Nature of America

HUM-122 Southern Culture


HYD-112 Hydraulics-Medium/Heavy Duty


MAT-110 Math Measurement & Literacy*

MAT-143 Quantitative Literacy*

MAT-171 Precalculus Algebra*

MAT-172 Precalculus Trigonometry*


MKT-120 Principles of Marketing


MUS-110 Music Appreciation

MUS-112 Introduction to Jazz

Networking Technology

NET-126 Routing Basics

NET-175 Wireless Technology

Networking Operating Systems

NOS-230 Windows Administration I


NUR-102 Practical Nursing II***

NUR-112 Health-Illness Concepts

NUR-211 Health Care Concepts***

NUR-213 Complex Health Concepts***

Office Systems Technology

OST-136 Word Processing*

OST-138 Office Applications II*

OST-145 Social Media for Office Professional

OST-159 Office Ethics

OST-184 Records Management

OST-289 Office Admin Capstone*

Physical Education

PED-110 Fit and Well for Life

PED-111 Physical Fitness I

PED-112 Physical Fitness II*

PED-113 Aerobics I

PED-114 Aerobics II*

Political Science

POL-120 American Government


PSY-150 General Psychology

PSY-241 Developmental Psychology*

PSY-281 Abnormal Psychology*


REL-110 World Religions

REL-211 Intro to Old Testament

REL-212 Intro to New Testament


SOC-210 Intro to Sociology

SOC-213 Sociology of the Family


SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I

SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II*

Transportation Technology

TRN-110 Intro to Transport Tech

Work-Based Learning

WBL-113 Work-Based Learning I


WLD-116 SMAW (stick) Plate/Pipe*


WLD-131 GTAW (TIG) Plate

WLD-141 Symbols & Specifications

* Course has prerequisites that must be met prior to enrolling

** Course has co-requisites that you must co-enroll in.

*** Course has prerequisites and co-requisites


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