Employees Receive Sprunt Spirit Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                             JANUARY 10, 2019

KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – James Sprunt recently awarded the “Sprunt Spirit” award to four employees, which is an on-the-spot award for a special act or service for a one-time achievement beyond the normal bounds of an employee’s job duties and benefits the workplace. Full-time and part-time employees can be nominated for this award recognition.

The following employees recently received the Sprunt Spirit Award: Ed Hudson, William Dean Miller, Derek Sharpe, and Lee Williams.



Ed Hudson

Ed Hudson serves as the administrative assistant for the vocational technology division. Ed is recognized not only for his “go to attitude” but for also going above and beyond the call of duty. Early in the morning, you can find Ed sweeping off the walkway into the Hall Building, which is where his office is located. He does this to ensure that no one slips and falls on the berries from a tree that is near the entrance, as well as to make the campus look its best to students and visitors.

Recently a student, who was making changes to her program of study, needed to be reached so that staff in students services could talk to her about a possible conflict with her financial aid. Ed searched the campus looking for this student, trying to find her, and also made several attempts to reach her by phone to get this cleared up, so she would not lose her financial aid. This is another above and beyond example of how Ed is committed to the college and its students.


William Dean Miller


After Hurricane Florence hit, the college was closed for over two weeks. This caused a major disruption of scheduling, especially with the testing center. William Dean Miller, who serves as the coordinator for the student success center and just ask tech support, demonstrated exceptional customer service during this time period. The Health Education Department needed to schedule and re-schedule testing, and this was also the first semester for online testing for the practical nursing program. William Dean always called to ask how many students were to be tested and ensured that everything went well in the center. The center was always ready and set-up for the students, so that all practical nursing students had to do was walk in and take their test. William Dean went above the call of duty this past semester.


Derek Sharpe


Derek Sharpe who serves as the evening assistant at James Sprunt, noticed that a student  had a flat tire in the parking lot one evening. The students husband had come and was assisting her with the tire but he was having a difficult time with the jack and removing the tire alone. Derek immediately came to help the student and her husband change the tire. Both were on there way home in no time, thanks to Derek’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for our students.


Lee Williams


In anticipation of Hurricane Florence hitting the East Coast, and knowing that the college may be closed, payroll for both full-time and part-time needed to be turned in so that the Business Office could process the paperwork to ensure that employees were paid, and paid on-time. Part-time payroll was of the utmost concern, and the Director of Human Resources relied on the expertise of Lee Williams, who serves as the Upward Bound Coordinator, to look over the excel spreadsheets and the formulas used to calculate payroll. Just the smallest change can cause the formulas to no longer work accurately. It came to the Director’s attention that Lee was very talented with formulas and that he might be able to assist in ensuring that the part-time spreadsheet formulas were working properly. On September 10, 2018, Lee took time out of his day to correct the issues. Because of his help, the HR department was able to submit the part-time payroll to the Business Office for processing and they were paid in a timely manner in spite of the storm. Lee also made certain that the staff understood how the formulas work for future payrolls. This was above and beyond the call of duty, but shows Lee’s commitment to his co-workers and the college.


For media related questions, please contact Cheryl Hemric, director of marketing and public information at (910) 275-6170.

James Sprunt Community College is one of the premier institutions in the North Carolina Community College System. Our college serves more than 5,000 students annually from our Kenansville and WestPark campuses and three specialized centers. Learn more at http://www.jamessprunt.edu.



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