Employers and Individuals Can “Shop” James Sprunt to Enhance Skills and the Workforce

Dr Jay Carraway

As published in the October 31st edition of The Duplin Times.

While many of you will be handing out treats to our little ones this week, please don’t forget to also treat yourself to some spectacular higher education at James Sprunt Community College.

Education is the best gift that you can ever give to yourself, and as the holiday season is quickly approaching, please don’t forget to “shop” at James Sprunt and fill your cart with a couple of workforce development classes like Excel, Basic Wiring, Cake Decorating, Pharmacy Technician, Cosmetology Instructor or one of our Fast Forward classes that begin in December.

Registration has already begun for these fast-forward classes, and you can earn full credit in 5-weeks for a course which typically takes 16-weeks to complete.

Fast forward classes begin December 4th and end December 31st. These classes that will be available completely online. Those classes are: PSY 150 General Psychology, SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology, ART 111 Art Appreciation, HIS 132 American History II, and EDU 216 Foundations of Education.


James Sprunt Community College is here to not only serve individuals, but also to serve business and industry.

It may be one of James Sprunt’s best kept secrets, but our college offers customized training throughout Duplin County.

If you own a company in Duplin County, or you are a manager for a division, please be sure to also “shop” at James Sprunt this holiday season and “treat” your company to training. We can assist you with providing professional development for your employees, as well as specific targeted training needs that you may have. Whether it is fork lift training, learning how to use software, or training that will help employees understand OSHA standards or just how to do their job better, James Sprunt Community College can create a customized plan that fits your business, no matter how small or how big.

James Sprunt Community College has the highest number of trainees through customized training in Eastern North Carolina, with 1882 individuals trained.

Some of the companies that we provide training for in Duplin County include:

  • Ag Provision
  • Bay Valley Foods
  • Bunge Oils
  • Butterball
  • Duplin Winery
  • Guilford Textile Mills / Lear Corporation
  • House of Raeford
  • Neogen
  • Precision Hydraulics
  • The Pork Company
  • US Cold Storage
  • Valley Protein
  • Villari Foods.

We are proud to partner with these companies and provide state-of-the-art training that will help to make these companies more effective and more efficient in the day-to-day business activities by increasing employee productivity, which ultimately increases their bottom line.  We hope to partner with many more businesses throughout Duplin County in the coming year.

James Sprunt Community College is your one-stop source for all your education and training needs in Duplin County and the surrounding areas. From the Duplin County Early College on our campus, career and college promise courses for high school students, college transfer and vocational training, continuing education and workforce development programs, to customized training, James Sprunt Community College has all your training needs covered. We are also excited about launching our new Job Ready-Duplin program, where we can train individuals who didn’t get hired at your business, but we can “skill them up” for the next opportunity.

We hope that you will “shop” at James Sprunt this upcoming holiday season. Education is one of the keys to getting all the gifts you hope to receive in this lifetime. We look forward to serving you soon.

–Dr. Jay Carraway
President, James Sprunt Community College

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