MEDIA ADVISORY                                                            NOVEMBER 10, 2020

KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – James Sprunt Community College will host a special edition of the Spartan’s Table this week with a drive thru food distribution on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Students are asked to enter the campus at the entrance with the stop light and then turn right to drive by the lake by the McGowan building.

The drive-thru food distribution will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Students will be required to show a valid JSCC student ID to receive a box of food.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                            OCTOBER 29, 2020

KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – It may look like a scene straight from The Walking Dead. Mannequins with scary makeup and zombie like features are currently on display at James Sprunt Community College, just in time for the Halloween holiday.

This week JSCC cosmetology students have been busy learning how to do special effects with hair and makeup, carving out some startling hairdo’s, ghostly styles, and haunted looks.

“This teaches our students a variety of skills, how to style hair and how to do chemical services, so this was a project to get them into Halloween and to showcase what they can do,” said Jennifer Gunter, a cosmetology instructor at James Sprunt. “As you can see, some got into the special effects more than others.”

This lesson in special effects makeup artistry (SFX) was incorporated into hands-on training that could potentially help these students land unique jobs in industries not typically thought of for cosmetology students such as movie sets, haunted attractions, cruise ships, theme parks, special effects laboratories, and prosthetics.

Well-trained special effects make-up artists have the ability to bring life to unreal characters and can manifest characters from any time period and transform them from one scenario to another, and this lesson may have very well sparked a new career interest in many.

“The more skills in special effect make up students can get into, the more options that will be available. Students could go to EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington where they could volunteer and work behind the scenes of movies until they can work their way up to get a job,” said Gunter.

First year and second year students created mannequins with different special effects, all of which are on display in the Hall Building by the JSCC Cosmetology Salon and Classrooms. Students, faculty and staff have been asked to vote for their favorite mannequin. The winner of the contest will be announced later on today.


For media-related questions, please contact Cheryl Hemric, Director of Marketing and Public Information at (910) 275-6170.

James Sprunt Community College is one of the premier institutions in the North Carolina Community College System. Our college serves more than 5,000 students annually from our Kenansville and WestPark campuses. Learn more at


Community college classes can lead anywhere

Column by Dr. Jay Carraway, President of James Sprunt Community College, as published in the October 29, 2020 edition of The Duplin Times.

Success often starts with just one class at a community college. Take a look at Ben &  Jerry’s Founders – they knew nothing about ice cream until they took a $5 correspondence class, which ultimately lead to a multi-million dollar business. Your story could be a similar one, you never know until you try and what you do with the information you’ve learned is completely up to you.

At James Sprunt Community College, we are a place where you can come from any background to receive a quality education. Maybe you want to start a new business. Maybe you are looking to gain new skills or maybe you aren’t sure what you are looking for just yet, but you want to explore different career paths. You can do all that and more at James Sprunt Community College.

We know learning doesn’t just stop when you’ve reach a certain goal or obtained a certain degree. When you attend a community college, it’s not about where you start, but about where you go afterwards. It’s a place where you can attend whether you are 18 or you are 65, if you don’t have a high school diploma or you have a doctorate degree.

No matter what you are in life, there is always more to learn, more to do, and more to accomplish.

James Sprunt Community College offers a variety of classes, workshops and seminars.

We offer basic skills classes for those individuals who:

  •  did not have an opportunity to complete their high school diploma.
  • Native language is not English and they desire to learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Need to improve Life Skills

We offer workforce development and short-term training continuing education classes that lead to post-secondary credentials or allow for personal enrichment in a subject they have an interest in. Programs we offer through this division include but are not limited to:

  • Allied Health program such as Nurse Aide I/II, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy, and Medical Assistant
  • CDL / Truck Driving
  • Basic Welding
  • Cosmetology
  • Barbering
  • Bi-lingual programs in cosmetology, electrical wiring, and nail technician
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Basic Diesel
  • Effective Teacher Training
  • Wastewater Management
  • Small Business Workshops and Seminars
  • Cake Decorating

Our workforce and continuing education division offer programs that start throughout the semester, with new classes starting each week in a variety of disciplines and subjects

We also offer over 30 programs of study leading to an associate’s degree, diploma or certificate through our curriculum division. These classes are offered in a variety of formats including online, face-to-face, hybrid, and with flex delivery options where you pick the delivery that works for you.

Some of our curriculum programs include, but are not limited to

  • Accounting
  • Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Applied Animal Science
  • College Transfer Programs
  •  Diesel and Heavy Equipment
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Office Administration
  • Welding

All of our programs are state-of-the-art and meet industry standards for their respective career field. Recently our Practical Nursing program ranked #7 in North Carolina, and our Associate of Arts degree was recently ranked as the Best AA program in Eastern North Carolina. In 2018, the college was ranked #1 in North Carolina and #2 in the United Stated.

These high rankings don’t just happen – they take hard work, dedication, and commitment from our faculty and staff.

We hope you’ll come discover what James Sprunt Community College can offer you. We have many upcoming fast-forward classes that begin December 4th that can put you on the fast-track to receiving your degree.

Registration for Spring 2021 has started for curriculum classes as well as continuing education courses, and we welcome you to come to our campus and chart a path that is right for you and the goals you hope to achieve. We hope you’ll join us soon.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       OCTOBER 29, 2020

KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – James Sprunt Community College has released its Spring 2021 schedule. On the list are the usual college transfer classes, such as Introduction to Psychology and Fundamentals of Chemistry, as well as more technical and advanced classes in subjects such as criminal justice, agriculture, welding, electrical wiring, early childhood education, cosmetology, and graphic design to name a few.

Many of our classes will continue to be offered completely online, or as a flex class where students decide the delivery mode best for them, to make accommodations for social distancing due to COVID-19. Essential worker training in classes such as nursing, electrical systems, welding, diesel mechanics, etc. will continue to meet face-to-face on campus, as well as classes that meet for cosmetology and barbering, as they are more difficult to teach strictly online and require hands-on training.

New to our Spring 2021 line up of workforce development and continuing education classes include Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Advertising w/Google Analytics Training, The Certified Bookkeeper, Microsoft Outlook and Certification, Microsoft Office Certification, and Microsoft Excel Certification. The college continues to offer a wide variety of short-term training courses, many of which may lead to a post-secondary credential. The continuing education classes offerings for Spring 2021 include:  

Allied Health
Nurse Aide I
Nurse Aide II 
Pharmacy Tech
Dialysis Technician
Healthcare Billing/Coding #1/2

EMT Initial
Advanced EMT

Workforce Development
HVAC/EPA 608 Refrigerant Cert.
Welding MIG
Diesel Mechanic
Forklift Operator
Electrical Contractor
Electrical Residential Wiring
Natural Hair Care
Social Media Marketing
SEM / Social Media Advertising
Barber Training
Combined Biological Waste Water Operator Level I & II
Biological Waste Water Level III     
Collections-Grade 1   
NFPA 70E/Arc Flash Safety Training
Computerized Accounting – Hybrid  
The Certified Bookkeeper
Basic Accounting
Basic Quickbooks – Desktop Version
Advanced Quickbooks – Desktop
Microsoft Office/MS Certification    
Microsoft Excel/MS Excel Cert
Microsoft Outlook & Certification
Commerical Truck Driving
ServSafe Certification
Basic Computers
Effective Teacher Training
Notary Public Education
NC Vehicle Safety Inspection
Defensive Driving

Personal Enrichment
Belly Dancing
HeartSong Tribal
Basic Sewing
Cake Decorating
Physical Conditioning

Programas Bilingues / Español
Cosmetología Principiante
Cosmetología Avanzada
Eléctricidad Residencial

Basic Skills
GED/AHS Online
Adult High School                 

Scholarships, financial aid, and WIOA Funding are available for curriculum classes, as well as continuing education courses for those who qualify. The complete Spring 2021 schedule can be accessed by clicking on this link: Those interested in registering for a class, can do so online, from home, at


For media-related questions, please contact Cheryl Hemric, Director of Marketing and Public Information at (910) 275-6170.

James Sprunt Community College is one of the premier institutions in the North Carolina Community College System. Our college serves more than 5,000 students annually from our Kenansville and WestPark campuses. Learn more at